About Us

You don’t just buy a piece; you invest in its story.

Pardonmyslip is a product of fate.

 Financiers by education, founders Yana and Diana share a love of fashion and business. They graduated from the same university in Moscow. But it wasn’t until their paths crossed at neighbouring desks in London – where they were both studying for a Master’s degree ­– that they discovered their shared passion. 

Pardonmyslip is also a product of knowledge and experience.

 Knowing that they weren’t ready to jump straight in, both Yana and Diana spent time building up their skills. Yana gained experience at Quintessentially, a bespoke luxury lifestyle management company. And Diana studied at Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design, building her understanding of the fashion industry and luxury markets.

In 2017, both felt ready to take the plunge and create a joint venture. Pardonmyslip is the result of their partnership.

Pardonmyslip delivers luxury with comfort

 We all know how sumptuous it feels when we can find something both comfortable and elegant. And how sensuous the best silk feels on your skin. Pardonmyslip is guided by these two principles. We create products that are luxurious yet cosy. We choose materials of the highest quality, sourced through our relationships with the leading producers of silk. And we focus on the natural luxury, finishing our products with mother of pearl.

 Our products come in a wide variety of styles, to suit your personality. And they can be personalised, through individual, custom-made designs, and through our monogram service.

 The next time you want to feel the comfort of perfection, turn to Pardonmyslip. Our products are perfect for the evening, the morning, and for spending the night in with your girlfriends. Comfort really is the new luxury.

 At Pardonmyslip, we invest in rest. We invite you to join us.